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A child’s idea of doing the right thing with rubbish is to put it in the bin, but where does it all get to? At the end of the day, plastics be us, but how do we do it?which do not decompose still end up in the environment. It’s just that instead of being messily spread out across the countryside for all to see, we collect it in one place, which will inevitably turn into heaven for archaeologists in a few thousand years. When it comes to rubbish, we have limited choices. We can burn it releasing chemicals into the atmosphere, or we can bury it, release chemicals into the earth. Ultimately, rubbish is a problem. On topic of rubbish from food stuffs, technology is getting cheaper and increasing in such a rate that, of course things like phones, cameras, televisions, ipods and computers are becoming part of the problem.

So we cannot reduce the trash of everyone, but…

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